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Quinne Brown Huffman is a healing catalyst, writer, and artist dedicated to helping young women find their unique identities in a chaotic world.


Her upcoming book, set to release in 2023, is a guide to human metamorphosis and transformation for a generation entering their first cycle of adulthood.


Drawing from her experience, Quinne helps individuals trust their intuition and take charge of their lives.


She is an expert in the practice of Metamorphosis, founded by Roberts St. John, and uses it to help individuals live in sync with their soul’s purpose.


Quinne is also a mother, creator, and enthusiast interested in the natural world and human behavior. Her diverse experiences in industries like travel, birth, motherhood, catering, and entertainment have given her a unique perspective on business and entrepreneurship.


As a coach and catalyst in the world of energy healers, Quinne is eager to collaborate with individuals and businesses to create powerful messaging that resonates with their audience.


    Talk themes to choose from. 

    We can collaborate and find what will resonate with your audience and create the experience you are looking for.

    1. From Surviving to Thriving

    2. Transitioning with Purpose and Passion

    3. Embracing Balance

    4. Self Governance and Choice

    5. Enthusiasm and Inspired action

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