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When Rest is Best

We've landed back in the USA, feeling elated after our two-month adventure.

There's nothing quite like returning to a space we've designed, surrounded by our cherished feline companions and tending to our plant buddies. Oh, and let's not forget the glorious summer sun shining down on us, though it's quite a task for my body to adjust.

I must have had my heart crack open; the cold to hot weather and the long flight add up to a not-so-fun chest cold. 🤒

I am writing this in my cozy bed. Rest is best and my to-do-list awaits…🫣

I know and have to kindly remind myself of what is possible when I am firing at full capacity, in order to lean into rest. 😴

It's a reminder to value patience and prioritize self-care, honoring the wisdom of our bodies and their subtle messages.

As a somatic practitioner, I've learned to listen not only to my own body but also to the whispers of others' bodies during my sessions with them. It's remarkable how much insight and healing can emerge from tuning into these physical cues.

Now, staying present and centered amidst the hustle of life is an art, and it revolves around utilizing our bodies as instruments of mindfulness.

Think movement, breath, and intentionally engaging all our senses – fully immersing ourselves in the smells, sights, sounds, and tastes around us, feeling the air brushing against our skin and the earth beneath our feet.

When jet lag hits hard, I've discovered the wonders of facing the sun, bare feet grounded on the earth, and cultivating a calm and clear mental space. It can make all the difference, trust me.


Exciting times lie ahead with the upcoming Embodying Metamorphosis three-month program! If you haven't already, don't hesitate to reach out, and we'll get you enrolled.

The freedom to be who you are and attract your tribe is immensely empowering.

Metamorphosis has been a transformative force in my life over the past two decades, and my mission is to guide you toward discovering your inner peace and authenticity.

With excitement and gratitude,

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