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True Feelings

Honoring our true feelings

My mantra this week guided me through the mud of expectations and stormy weather.

“I listen to, honor, and follow my true feelings, knowing that they are answers to my prayers.”

We all have a wise inner counselor. It speaks to us in both physical and emotional ways. I have a loud gut feeling that speaks prominently, and my physical body can be noisy too. Things like a tight jaw, nervous stomach, and headaches draw my attention to what I need to focus on or shift. I choose to listen or not; when I listen, I find what needs to be expressed, and then I find relief and ease again.

Doreen Virtue beautifully states, “don’t discount what you know to be true to your heart. Follow your emotions; they are the inner compass that will steer you home and keep you warm, safe, supported, and joyous. If you are unclear about which emotions you’re experiencing, write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal to gain clarity and understanding.”

This video is only a minute; listen and then press reply to share what you were wading through this week.

Always in love,

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