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Greetings from the open road!

It's been an awe-inspiring month of exploration.

It’s been a time where the familiar and the unknown intertwine.

Journeying through the heart of a country I call my own, I've covered over 6000km, from Johannesburg to Cape Town and beyond.

Even venturing onto Mozambique's untouched beaches, swimming with dolphins, and basking in the majestic presence of whales – nature's wonders have made us feel truly alive.

Home, for me, isn't just a place on a map; it's where my feet touch the earth, and my soul feels wholly embodied. It's a concept I'm still discovering, step by step, learning to live fully in its meaning.

Moving to Los Angeles at the end of 2021 has shown me the beauty of navigating different hemispheres. The learning curve is steep and ongoing.

As I sit here in Freshearth, savoring coffee while winter winds dance around, I realize how this nomadic lifestyle has its challenges. It has taught me to accept each moment, releasing the grip of urgency we often impose upon ourselves.

Now, let me invite you into an experiment: What if life wasn't defined by urgency and time was abundant?

What would you focus on, and what passions would you explore further?

Take a moment to ponder these questions, and share your thoughts with me. I'm genuinely curious about the state of our beings and the world we inhabit – what else is possible?

Expectations have been both a friend and a foe throughout my journey.

Happiness, as my brother-in-law eloquently put it, comes from experiencing without expectations.

Embracing each moment unconditionally is the key to a fulfilling life, no matter the circumstances.

Life, in all its facets, offers valuable experiences that shape us.

As a traveler, a gypsy of sorts, I find solace in embracing the philosophy of Metamorphosis. It's about understanding how we view life and ourselves, leading to peace and ease.

Let's embark on this adventure of play, creativity, and joy together.

So, here's my clear intention: FUN: F-unction Unconditionally N-ow. Embrace your uniqueness, dance to the rhythm of your soul, and give the world the most exquisite gift – your true essence.

As we continue to tread this earth, let us do so with kindness and compassion towards each other and our shared home. It is a priority that we all learn that compassion and love has also to be directed at ourselves.

Wander on, my friends, and let the journey be your guide.

With wanderlust and warm wishes,

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