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Snow in Jozi

It snowed in Johannesburg!

We were giddy. Marvel rippled through the city. We all gaped. It's a phenomenon I have had the privilege to witness only three times in the last four decades. In 1981, I was two. In 2012, Charlotte was 1, and yesterday. It was stunning.

Everyone picked up their heads from the grindstone for a moment, and all marveled at the extraordinary.

I always feel relief when we collectively look up.

How often do you allow yourself to marvel at our world?

What will allow us to find reprieve from our work-hard culture?

Would you consider the idea that we are meant to appreciate and stay curious as humans?

These qualities might be our most authentic nature and reason for being. Our compassion for self and others is ignited in our appreciation and sense of curiosity.

I loved the moment of giggles and awe that lingered for a few hours over our city.

It's the same feeling a complete rainbow creates. We all look up and breathe, releasing our burdens and anxiety.

For a moment, our attention is held in a different way. Our mind is captured by appreciation. Notice how this brings relief. Will you allow yourself to linger here longer and return more often?

Will you allow a rose blooming or the reflection in a puddle to stop you in your tracks?

How often in a day can you call yourself to be present and notice what you hold as a priority?

We can marvel at even the insignificant and find that our participation is profound when we appreciate what is.

May more snow-flaky moments occur for you daily, reminding you to look up, breathe, and appreciate what is.

It is all fleeting and forever changing. Don't be afraid of getting stuck; life doesn't allow it.

Always in love,

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