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At 5:55 AM, I found myself on the couch, sipping cacao, remnants of a beautiful blessing for our new Santa Monica space.

Eleven women, a circle bound by the womb room, a connection woven through breath and the present moment.

Balance isn't where it seems apparent. True balance emerges when we embrace our piece and cradle it with both hands and full attention.

It's about acknowledging our worth, standing in our power, and avoiding the trap of comparison.

We often shift from what we have to create desire, but finding aligned truth is the real challenge.

Let others be catalysts, inspiration, and activators instead of getting tangled in the web of comparison.

Practice presence and connection, for these are the provisions for our journey.

We're a part of the story, not the whole. We're a thread in the web, not the entire tapestry. We're a piece of the whole, not the entirety.

Order prevails when we focus, give our full attention to the moment, and play our part in keeping the whole web healthy.

Love life, trust. Create, play, and have fun. Remember it's all about Connection and.Love.

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Oct 30, 2023

I really love this! Congratulations on your new space to play in and create! 💖

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