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In the Flow

How hard is it to go with the flow?

I am writing a book. It feels like all my soft bits are being poked at.

I am in the editing phase and still writing. It’s about how Metamorphosis brings balance as a practice and philosophy.

I am always promoting a flow state. I feel most in that state when I sit down to write. I marvel at what comes to light and the perspective it brings.

How do you find your flow?

Are we living for the weekends or retirement, or are most of your days worthwhile?

What if we were all present for the ‘current’. Being in flow feels like you can let go and float on the breeze. It makes the worst of times feel worthwhile somehow. We have encounters that feel magical when we are in that state. Magic becomes real.

It is wondrous how unique our journeys and points of interest are.

I won’t pretend to know what you need. I will only share my story and practice as a point of reference and a potential piece in your puzzle.

Let me know how you stay with the current, present, and in flow.

And wish me luck as I work at finishing the first draft of my story with Metamorphosis.

“How my life changed when I found and learned the practice of Metamorphosis.

From almost losing my leg and face to finding my wings.”

Always in love and appreciation


Ps: I studied Metamorphosis, founded by Robert St. John, at age 21.

22 years later, it is still the philosophy and practice I hold most dear. I have found a way to embody it and make it a daily routine that has repeatedly guided my perception through the worst of me.

Pss: if you want to join a three-month program, I offer an extraordinary, no-brainer rate through 2023. Book a call so we can set you up.

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