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Are you in?

What is your understanding of momentum? 
Do you feel on purpose when you hurry and seem busy? Rushing forward might make us feel important and on a mission. 
It might make us feel at ease in this strange roundabout way.

I feel an inner rush, my shoulders tense, and headaches form. I hear the impatience in my voice when I am engaging my kids. It’s a funny ripple effect; this need to produce. 
I am in the formatting and editing phase of my book. I am eager to be on purpose and in the world on a mission. 

And ...

I have learned time and time again that we get there anyway. 
Productivity and creativity could be in harmony. 
I call it to play; you might call it something else. 
We must find a way to move soulfully and mindfully engaged with the moment. 

My mind has been predicting the future, and I feel out of sync with my present state of being all week. In these moments, I dive deeper into my practice to stay in harmony and play my part authentically and wholeheartedly. 

I think of life as a piece of music, and we each get to play our instrument and learn to master it. When we play it with focus and with the intent to enhance the song for the pleasure of all, we find happiness in ourselves. 

I learn more chords and notes daily; our song could be the greatest yet. 

Do you want to create, play, and enhance this world with something beautiful and lasting? 
Let’s create a frequency of love and generosity of spirit. 

I am off to dance tonight. This is key when my mind is dancing in spirals of no consequence. 

I am off to Hawaii for a while and will continue to share my inspiration and heart with you. Aloha translates to ‘The presence of breath’ or ‘breath of life. May the spirit of Aloha be a greeting with a high frequency of community and inclusion.

My intent here is for us to stay connected and for you to grab the opportunities for reflection or connection to serve you and your community. 

I love my work as a Life Coach, and facilitating Embodying Metamorphosis is my signature. 

I appreciate seeing clients approach their circumstances authentically, gracefully, and artfully. For us all to have joy, no matter what.
I feel privileged to witness others embracing their next chapter with enthusiasm. 

What is your next chapter? 

always in love,

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