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Beginning again

Let's begin againIt’s been a journey across continents. We have homeschooled and traveled for 9months. Then we found a home, and a school(thank goodness). No, you do not want homeschooling advice from me.

There are some fun anecdotes though and we did learn a lot.

I am a better coach for it.

We adopted two loving cats. We have houseplants to care for. New seasons now govern our wanderings.

Finding our feet has taken a while.

Please forgive me for being so quiet.

In order for me to receive life in all its glorious complexity,

I had to put in place and practice what I teach.

Inward I went.

Finding a new rhythm.

Implementing ritual.

Playing with rhyme.

Appreciating the new landscape.


I am a certified Life and Birth Coach now. I am here to serve those on a transformative journey.

I have in real time started a podcast with a friend, Tonya Meeks, called;

It’s raw and real, we are mothers and artists in conversation.

Let me know if you would like to join us and we will invite you in.

Sacred circle space is my gift to the community, if you are in LA or near, shoot me an email and join us. We have learnt that this is a necessary space and to allow ourselves.

Do you believe in the ripple effect?

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