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Sitting here after a divine Sunday lunch with my nearest and dearest enjoying a delicious meal around my mother’s table, I am grounded by appreciation as I write to you.

In the vibrant streets of Johannesburg, my heart overflows with excitement and a deep sense of connection.

My family and I are a lot like gypsies, constantly on the move, exploring new horizons, and embracing the wonders that life has to offer.

Just recently, we found ourselves back in Charlotte's favorite class at the Cirk—a school that ignited her childhood dream of becoming a circus artist.

Watching her twirl fearlessly on the lier, defying gravity with every twist, I am inspired by her unwavering determination to break down barriers and become more of what she dreams.

Arriving in South Africa, we are greeted by a sense of familiarity, as if we had never left.

Reconnecting with our tribe and beloved friends feels effortless, reminding us of the importance of cherished connections.

As I gaze upon the streets, my ears are tuned to the symphony of sounds; it is the melodic call of the loerie that resonates the loudest.

In its song, I find echoes of my late father, his presence comforting me and guiding me on my journey.

Here, in the heart of South Africa, I feel a deep sense of purpose and strength in my mission and vision. I am committed to creating spaces that foster connections, honoring the sacredness of life in all its forms.

This journey has taught me to trust the pendulum within me—the resonance between my head and heart.

When in alignment, a lightness fills my being, my shoulders relax, and my heart opens wide, signaling a resounding "yes."

But when heaviness lingers, and doubt clouds my mind, I step back, waiting patiently for that undeniable confirmation before moving forward.

It is through this dance of intuition and trust that I have embarked on a courageous path for over two decades.

While I live and create on two continents, my mission remains rooted in my heart center, connecting me to my true purpose.

Being on African soil, where life seemingly began, feels like coming home. It is here that the feminine spirit calls us to action, urging us to dismantle what no longer serves and embrace new ways of being.

The Earth, our mother, is tolerant and compassionate, forever forgiving.

Yet, when imbalance prevails, she sheds tears and rolls up her sleeves, determined to restore harmony.

In this moment, as I pour out my thoughts—raw and unfiltered—I invite you to consider your journey.

Are you open to embracing metamorphosis, living from the inside out, and reconnecting with your true mission?

Remember to actively participate in life—to live with intention and be in harmony and balance. Embrace the unknown and be open to new possibilities.

I am wishing you a joyous and fulfilling journey of self-discovery.

With heartfelt wanderlust,

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