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You are here. Here you are.

That is so much! Can you believe that you are enough?

What if your arrival is all that is required?

To become aware of where you are as you are. Noticing the purpose of your being in the impact and effect you have on your environment.

What if we stopped creating from our past and instead dialed into our present and found a way to start with what is?

What if we all took to heart the understanding of our creative power and had permission to be us?

What would happen if we stopped blaming ourselves for a past already experienced? What if we believed in endless possibilities and the potential of our appreciation?

Just asking?

I danced all night with my friend. It felt like we stepped back in time, yet there we were. The crowd was diverse in all ways. Connecting and laughing and just dancing. Vibrating and lifting one another up. It was fun and felt significant.

I remembered pieces from my past, and finally able to appreciate them all in my remembering, I brought them into the present. Awareness is the gift that starts the ripple. Generate the magic in the present with all of who you are.

We danced our hearts out. Strangers connected. Music is medicine.

May you gather yourself to be present.

This is enough; can you appreciate what is?

Always in love,

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