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Be Patient

Be patient

Agh, I feel my heart sink when I see the message “be patient.”

Making me crazy with anticipation and wanting to know.

I have a few projects in process, and I love being in the mud of it. I can get lost in it for long periods, and I have patience with the process.

I feel my anxiety build when I have to let go to see if it can actually fly and find a landing spot. When I have to hand it over.

I am patient with the process, yet entirely in a hurry once the process is done.

I want the outcome to be immediate. I want to know how you feel about it before allowing you to experience it.

Is my impatience strange, or is it normal?

For me, the gift is in giving. I sincerely love creating, and I want to play where everyone can indulge in experiencing and expressing. I want to share because when I see you receive and get your feedback, I know what I created or gave was received, which is a thrill for me.

As a mother, it has been my priority to coach the girls to express how they feel when they receive something from another; aka, say thank you and say how much they appreciate it. If you don’t appreciate it, it is also good to express it gracefully with a “No Thank you.”

I tell them this is what makes the world go round.

Our acceptance and appreciation, vocalized and expressed, bring more of what we want and ultimately need.

Knowing our needs are met can allow us to express more of what we want.

This takes practice.

I am breaking through the final first edit of my book, and it’s a crazy-making process, activating many triggers of insecurity.

Just this morning, I had to tune in deeply to get to the truth.

Over and over, I recognize how it all begins with a thought, activated in our mental body, that manifests in our physical body, often as dis-ease, and is expressed through our emotional body, where relief can be felt when we allow the expression.

In the magnetic body, we lean into what is possible and the thought that will activate our flow state.

This morning felt delicious.

I use a practice I put together over the years called Embodying Metamorphosis Mindfully.

The relief it offers and the patience and acceptance it promotes are immediate for my clients and me.

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