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Just breathe for a minute

I am writing you from Hawaii. Getting lost in the moment.

I love being able to be with you from where ever I am. I am committed to allowing myself to be wherever I am.

We have been adventuring and snorkeling and celebrating. I am moved by the diversity and the nature of this island. We are here during a full moon, and I feel my spirit lift when the moon lights up the way.

So many thoughts rise up. I celebrate all the Aries in my life, and Charlotte turns 12. My appreciation for this experience and for this time on an island in the middle of the Pacific, still being able to communicate, is overwhelming.

We explore the unbeaten track, eat shaved ice, and find locally grown fruit. We sing and drive and laugh. There is bickering and frowns, too, as we find contrast no matter the paradise we are in. The moments pass with a breathtaking view or a green gecko’s appearance pulling us back to the here and now.

Yes, to moments of solitude and listening.

Yes, to moments of creating.

I have learned to see the beauty of sharing and being transparent.

What if we all were more transparent about our process and way of being? Willing to be vulnerable, trusting the ones that will catch us are there and those that need to hear us will, leaving those that could harm us deterred by our army of love that we allow being visible and around through our deep sense of appreciation.

I am a believer and an artist.

I don’t want to take anything with me; I would love to know I left something beautiful behind and the places I wander unharmed.

My mission as a mother, lover, daughter, sister, and friend is to create and witness, allowing more love to be personified and felt. May my poems and ideas, my time, and my learning be of value to our experience here as humans.

Take a breath with me.

Feel the earth beneath you.

Swing your arms wide.

Know that you belong.

Just breathing deeply

Is enough.


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