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Happy birthday to me!

Today, as I reflect on the incredible journey of my life, I am filled with awe and gratitude.

It's been a roller coaster ride, with moments of joy and challenges shaping me into who I am today.

I've experienced dark spells and profound moments of shedding, almost as if multiple lifetimes have unfolded within this short span on Earth.

On this particular day, I want to acknowledge and celebrate my existence in a new way.

Instead of waiting for others to celebrate me, I am taking a moment to check in with myself and to lean into love for my soul, heart, mind, and body.

I am holding myself in reverence unconditionally and embracing the person I have become.

It's a fantastic feeling to stand on this side of myself, where I've allowed my light to shine brighter, my voice to resonate louder, and my spirit to soar higher.

Although I still have moments of reluctance, I choose to embrace the magic surrounding me even more today.

I find joy in the twinkle in your eyes, the smiles on children's faces as they listen to their favorite songs, the ducks waddling, and the turtles basking in the sun. I greet the crows calling from the banyan trees and the mockingbirds dancing with me along Berkeley.

Life is a dance, and today, it's a celebration.

I shed tears for those trapped in a reality that doesn't align with their true selves. I shed tears for the traumas of my past, which I am finally thawing out and letting go of.

It's a time of shedding old skin, and today, the new skin is starting to show—raw, tender, and in need of grace.

This new way of playing is the most fun I've allowed myself to have in a long while.

I'm living unconditionally now, and it's a truly exhilarating experience.

FUN: Functioning, Unconditionally Now! (t-shirts coming soon)

If you'd like to share my birthday spirit and celebration, I invite you to download "The Earth Speaks."

accompanied by DTO, a celebrated composer

This piece was was born one inspired Sunday morning last year, it took me some time to gather the courage to share.

Now, she whispers to me, "It's time." When you listen to it, the whole 4 minutes and 44 seconds(love those earth numbers, and I am 44 today!), you empower me to remain open to inspiration, to create and share more.

The funds from your downloads contribute to healing, creating, and regenerating our space here as a part of nature.

As a proud tree hugger, your participation and response create a ripple effect that serves us all beautifully and meaningfully.

Today, I extend my birthday wishes to myself and send blessings to each of you.

May this next year be filled with inspiration and action as we embrace the joy of living fully.

Always in love,

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