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Metamorphosis (in person session)

Metamorphosis (in person session)

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Discover the world of Metamorphosis—a path to inner peace and profound transformation. 


Dissolve hidden tension and embrace tranquility with ease.


Experience a life-changing journey as you shed unconscious burdens and allow your true self to shine. Nurture self-love, enrich relationships, and find stillness within.


Unveil the source of chaos and stress, often untouched by traditional methods. Metamorphosis reaches deep, addressing tensions passed through generations and intertwined with your essence.


Our sessions gently unlock tension's grip. We create a symphony of relaxation through hands-on care, focusing on feet, hands, spine, and head. This comprehensive approach empowers lasting change.


Embrace this opportunity to change. 

With just $247 per 90min session, invest in your well-being. 


Step into Metamorphosis, where inner peace thrives, tension fades, and your radiant self emerges. 


Begin your extraordinary journey today.


    Welcome to the transformative world of Metamorphosis, where inner peace blossoms and unconscious tension dissolves.

    This remarkable practice is key to unlocking a life-changing experience, nurturing a sense of tranquility that resonates within you and radiates outwards to create a more peaceful world.

    As the weight of unconscious tension lifts, your energy shifts, and a lovelier version of yourself emerges more frequently than ever before.

    Relationships, especially the one you have with yourself, begin to flourish. Self-love blossoms as you realize that your flaws are not a reflection of your true essence but rather a manifestation of tension.

    In this beautiful process, your mind finds stillness, your body melts into relaxation, and your soul shines brighter than ever.

    But what exactly is this unconscious tension? It lurks beneath the surface, the source of chaos, drama, pain, and noise in your life. It resides at a profound level that talk therapy and dialogue struggle to reach. Even a soothing massage can only touch the surface.

    It's the elusive button that triggers reactions, the hidden obstacle hindering your attempts to heal, change, and grow. It's the murky energy responsible for overreactions to daily stress, the root cause of anxiety, depression, addictions, relationship struggles, and global tensions.

    This unconscious tension has its origins deep within you, passed down through your DNA, and intertwined with ethereal energies. It enters the picture right from conception, imprinting itself in the first cell and replicating it as you develop in the womb. It becomes ingrained in the very bones of your spine, influencing your journey into the world at birth and shaping your experiences throughout life.

    Metamorphosis treatments offer you a sacred doorway to this underlying tension. Each session is a heartfelt invitation for this tension to ease effortlessly without the need for conscious effort or thought.

    Through the power of a gentle touch, we work with reverence on the bony structure of your feet, hands, and head and directly on your spine, creating a symphony of relaxation and release.

    My approach to Metamorphosis is comprehensive, addressing the core tension at its roots.
    By focusing on the feet and spine, we unravel the primary sources of tension, empowering you to cease recreating the problems that have plagued you.
    Working on your hands helps you navigate life's challenges with greater ease, while attending to your head brings relief to mental tension, allowing your mind to find serenity.

    Throughout the entire process, you remain fully clothed, except for your feet, as we create a safe space for your metamorphosis to unfold.

    Step into the embrace of Metamorphosis, where inner peace is nurtured, tension dissolves, and a more radiant version of yourself emerges. Embrace the practice and philosophy of Metamorphosis, and witness the profound transformation that awaits you on this extraordinary journey.

    investment: 9 sessions $1,111.00 ($123.44 per session)


    We understand that life can sometimes throw unexpected circumstances our way, and we strive to accommodate our clients to the best of our ability. However, we kindly request your cooperation in adhering to our cancellation policy.


    Cancellation or rescheduling of in-person sessions must be made at least 24 hours in advance. This allows us to offer the session slot to another client who may be in need. We value your time and ours.


    The full payment will be due if you fail to attend the session without prior notice. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


    We genuinely value the opportunity to work with you and appreciate your cooperation and respect for our cancellation policy.


    Should you have any questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out.


    Warm regards, Quinne and team


    Sunset Park Provisions

    1708 Oceanpark Blvd.

    Santa Monica

    +1 424 487 1029


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